Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes

After reading through a lot of my survey responses about those who cook with cum, I decided to do a bit more research and came across the website Featuring a book called ‘Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes’, it showcases recipes created by author, Paul ‘Fotie’ Photenahuer. I contacted Fotie to gather more information for my fans as I KNOW you are all interested. As a 38 y/o gay man in California, Fotie captured the nation in 2008 with his book of cooking with cum. Beau: Where did the concept originate? Fotie: I had a vague idea that semen must be similar to egg whites. I tried it probably ten years ago or so and have been experimenting ever since. The idea for the book originated in a discussion with some friends (hetero) about the expectations that the woman should swallow. Then (yes alcohol was involved) I suggested that a cookbook be written. Their response (positive or negative but no one was indifferent) to the idea got me started on the book. Beau: What was the first dish you created with semen? Fotie: My first experiments were using semen as an egg substitute. And probably the mini-omelets were the first. Then came sauces. Recently I made some ice cream using liquid nitrogen. Google it - very cool! The ice cream custard and semen are mixed together and super-chilled instantly transforming everything into a spectacular dessert. Well worth the hassle and cost of buying the nitrogen. Beau: Have you tested all of your recipes? Fotie: Yes, absolutely. I have a hard time following recipes myself, I like to improvise. But I actually tested the recipes in the book by following them 100% Beau: What is your favorite dish? Fotie: I still have not gotten tired of the sauces and the drinks, but my favorite is the hollindaise: At first glance, this recipe seems easy, but this sauce may take a few trial runs to get it right. The semen should be added along with the yolks in the beginning unless you are fond of semen lumps. The rich lemony sauce is a must for Eggs Benedict, but it is also delicious on steamed asparagus or fish. 3 egg yolks 1/4 cup water 2 tbsp lemon juice 1/2 cup cold butter fresh semen dash of salt & pepper In a small saucepan, whisk together egg yolks, semen, water and lemon juice. Cook and stir over very low heat until mixture starts to slightly bubble. Cut the butter into several smaller chunks and add one piece at a time to the yolk mixture, whisking after each addition until melted and smooth. Stir in the salt and pepper and serve immediately. Chef’s note: It is possible to enhance the semen flavor by adding the semen drop by drop along with the butter. This does pose the risk of improper blending of the semen and a lumpy sauce. Beau: How often do you cook with semen? Fotie: Probably once or twice a month on average, just depends Beau: Do you only use human semen or any animals? Fotie: No, I don’t use animal semen, but I was contact by a salesman for a pig semen company in the Midwest who thought this book would open up a new market. Beau: What type of feedback did you receive when you first launched the book? Fotie: My friends loved it, but my family doesn’t know still. People couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not. I had fun writing it and tried to include some humor, but there is no part of the book that isn’t factual/researched or tested. Many other interviewers tried to get me to admit that it was a joke. But I persisted and they usually gave up. Also a little of the feedback on the safety issues was a bit annoying; if they would have read the book they would have been assured that the book is written for consenting adult diners of semen. Beau: Any follow-up books in the works? Fotie: Thought about it, but have yet to get started. Perhaps developing the art of mixing semen in cocktails would be a good subject for my next book. Thanks for your honesty Fotie! Now a new offer for all of my cumsluts! This signed and personalized cum cookbook by me 2 of my cum-filled condoms to start on the recipes Free Priority domestic shipping All for only $100! If you are interested, send me an email at! Anyone up for some man-made oysters?